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Electric Heated Lunch Box for Adults - 90W 2L Double Layer Portable Food Warmers for Work 12V/24V/110V/220V Fast Heating Food Heater for Car&Truck 304 Stainless Steel (DARK BLUE)

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  • [2L+1L LARGE CAPACITY]No more worrying about insufficient heated lunch box capacity. Our heating lunch box features a 2L stainless steel container and a 1L fruit tray, easily meeting the needs of those with hearty appetites or even two people with moderate appetites. The 1L fruit tray isn't just for fruits; it can also hold items like fries, grilled meat, salad dressing, and more. The stainless steel material meets food-grade requirements, ensuring safety.

  • [SINGLE/DOUBLE LAYER HEATING]The food warmer adopts a double-layer design, perfectly separating foods to prevent unwanted odors from mingling. Heated lunch box can be heated in both layers simultaneously, and the second layer has an air vent in the middle, allowing steam to rise, ensuring comprehensive heating. If the food in the second layer doesn't need heating, you can choose to heat only the single-layer stainless steel container. This heating lunch box offers more flexibility and convenience.
  • [90W/20 MINS RAPID HEATING]The electric lunch box heats up quickly with a power of up to 90W. It takes just 20 minutes for the fastest heating in the office, and 25 minutes in a car or truck. Whether at work, on a truck, or during outdoor camping, the heating lunch box helps you enjoy hot meals. electric lunchbox can preheat your food in advance, eliminating the hassle of queuing for a microwave.