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Electric Spin Scrubber,Waterproof Cordless Cleaning Brush with 8 Replaceable Brush Heads and Extension Arm for Bathroom,Floor Tile,Kitchen

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This is the new upgraded power scrubbers for cleaning.A toilet brush head with pole is attached, so you can get a electric toilet brush by assembly. The electric cleaning brush has high quality hard bristles for durability,and a two-speed adjustable fully automatic high-speed rotating head. It cleans your toilet more efficiently than a traditional toilet brush.

【IPX7 Waterproof 】The power scrubber adopts tight protection design, waterproof grade comply with IPX7. Our electric bathroom scrubber are completely waterproof from the handle to the motor head, the motor part can be used safely in a wet environment, especially for indoor cleaning activities, has a good ability to prevent dust. In addition, the sealed waterproof function can effectively avoid rust or short-circuit problems, to ensure the safe operation and service life of the spin scrubber.

【Multifunction】There are three main types of electric brush for cleaning:① Electric bathroom scrubber with long handle:No need to bend down to clean. You can choose the desired length, up to 12 inches, the overall handle is adjustable from 30-55 inches. ② Electric toilet brush:Install toilet brush head and pole, efficient toilet cleaning.③ Electric spin scrubber cordless: Remove all the poles, a single 16-inch electric cleaning brushes for handhold use,0-90°adjustable brush head angle.

【Save time】With retractable lengths, adjustable brush head angles, and 8 interchangeable brush heads, you actually have a multi-functional electric power scrubber that can meet any of your household cleaning requirements, freeing you from tedious housework. It will easily clean every corner of the room: e.g. bathroom bathtubs, kitchens, grills, toilets, sinks, floors, cement grouts, toilets, cars, glass, tiled walls, furniture, windows, plates and nooks,crannies etc. hard-to-reach areas.

【Powerful motors】The electric floor scrubber has 2 adjustable rotary speeds, low speed mode: 300 revolutions/minute,suitable for daily cleaning, high speed mode 400 revolutions/minute, can be deep cleaning soap scum, cement slurry or stubborn stains.USB charging, 2500 mAh large battery capacity, charging 3-4 hours, can be continuous cordless work for more than 1.5 hours, to meet the demand of the whole bathroom deep cleaning 2-3 times.