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Elevated Dog Bowls with 1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl + 2 Stainless Steel Bowls Raised Dog Bowl Adjusts to 5 Heights 3.1", 9", 10", 11", 12" Dog Bowl Stand for Large Medium Small Dogs Pets

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  • ✔Develop Healthy Dining Posture: The height of the raised dog bowl is adjustable and just perfect for your dogs.They don't need to bend down anymore to eat like with the lower height bowls. Elevated feeder helps dogs with arthritis pain or choke/cough when eating.
  • ✔1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl + 2 Metal Dog Bowls Included: The elevated bowls (size of 2.4” x 9”) are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable, rust-resistant and easy to clean, making them a hygienic choice for your pet's food and water.
  • ✔Keep the Floor Clean: The dog feeding station can also help to keep your floor clean by preventing spills and food crumbs from spreading. Since the bowls are closer to dogs’ mouth they are less likely to drop food or splash water around.
  • ✔Sturdy And Compact: The elevated pet bowls stand is made of high-quality ABS plastic, it’s not easy to break; the two metal dog bowls are durable and have a large capacity. The legs fold in on each other to a small size and doesn’t take up much space.